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Online self assessment tools for aid in treatment of mental health patients.

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What is this all about?

Manic Element is a brand new way to help bipolar patients manage their care. It has been proven that there is a significant improvement in the quality of life for patients that self assess compared to those that do not. A new way to deal monitor your moods and care is needed. In searching for self-help tools online, we found the offerings to be very limited and set out to give a more usable experience with a mood tracker, pill reminder service, routine tracking and medical history.

This site is in it's infancy and will continue to expand and grow over time. Our primary goal is simple, help bipolar patients be healthier. All information provided to this site is secure and anonymous. It will never be traded or sold. We are, quite honestly, in existence to help you improve your health. There will never be any charge for patients using this service. We have big plans for the future and hope you will be a part of them.

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