Giveaway: Twilight “Live Forever Advance Poster” Giveaway



In the summer of 2008, San Diego Comic-con promotional posters for the upcoming Twilight movie. The posters had the film release with the expected date of 12.12.2008; these are not theatrical release which show the date of 11.21.2008. These are the original release posters known as the “Live Forever Advance Posters”.

In celebration of Stephenie Meyer news of a Gender Swap Twilight I am giving away:

2 large double-sided movie posters 27×40
3 small single sided 12×18

Five people will be selected to receive one of these posters, each. The giveaway will end 12.21.2015 and there are many ways to enter. Don’t sit back and wish, enter and win!

Twilight Poster Giveaway

Weekend Pick Me Up: Very Bad Things by Ilsa Madden-Mills


ANGST! Oh, the angst, the beautiful turmoil of the angry.

I’ve been asking myself, “What took you so long to read this book?”

I misunderstood the construction of the series when I read Very Wicked Beginnings. I thought since next novel wasn’t about Cuba or Dovey I’d put off reading it. I hadn’t realized that Very Wicked Things was about those two, and that really it would have been sensible to read the book blurbs before jumping in.
Library Lesson: Don’t believe the book with the word ‘beginnings’ is always the start.


Tongue Wagger: Sweet Temptation by Wendy Higgins


I call this book Kaidan is Sexy because Sweet Temptation does it no justice.

It is always interesting to see the other side of stories.

In the vein of Jamie McGuire’s Walking Disaster, or Christine Zoldenz’s Scars and Songs, Wendy Higgins has given us the guy perspective of her series. Sometimes, like in the instance of Travis Maddox, it is very hard to reconcile the guy the heroine saw and fell in love with and the dude in his own book. Travis is not charming in Walking Disaster, he’s rather skeevy. I couldn’t like him as he was in his own tale; although it was a perfect example of  TWO accounts being told of one story. But Kaidan Rowe is relatable and easy to love in Sweet Temptation as he was to Anna. His weaknesses and darkness becomes apparent while keeping him palatable, and desirable even. I am still in love with this lust puppy after seeing the world through his eyes.

Word Slinger Project Author Update: Khalid Muhammad

Bio (2)

I got the chance to check in with Khalid Muhammad recently and got the skinny on what is coming up for him and the new book. This was supposed to be posted last month but I moved and the Giveaway I wanted to do with it got put on hold. So now you get the better deal because I can up the booty (that sounds weird) and offer you FIVE copies of Agency Rules: Never An Easy Day At The Office. That is better loot than I will be getting for my birthday tomorrow. Please read this interview slowly because it took me almost a month to put it together.